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The studio offers tattooing by Mick the founder and owner, Omar and Tommy plus some guest artists. The studio and all the artists are licensed by the GGD Health Authority Amsterdam. All needles, inks and gloves are single use and we use state of the art sterilization techniques.

We are specialized in creating custom pieces but if you prefer, we have thousands of designs for you to choose from. We also offer tattoo redesign and cover ups.

We also offer piercings done by Saskia. She provides professional touch and good aftercare solutions.

Booking Appointments

Unfortunately we are unable to take appointments or give quotes over the phone or via e mail. While you are welcome to email us images, ideas and general inquiries, you will need to come in and discuss your tattoo in order for us to look at body placement, take measurements and estimate how long the tattoo will take. We also require a cash deposit (minimum 50-Euros) when taking a booking, which is necessary to secure your appointment. Your deposit contributes towards the cost of your tattoo and is non refundable. If you wish to cancel your appointment we require 48 hours notice.

We advise that you bring pictures and references to your consultation so we can get a good idea of the design and style you want. ‘walk ins’ are always welcome for smaller tattoos (subject to availability). Large custom work is charged by the hour and smaller pieces are priced individually.

If you have any questions you can contact us via email, call us during shop opening hours or drop into the studio for a free consultation. All our contact details can be found in the Contact page.

WE will NOT tattoo under the age of 18, only with your parent’s permission!

We will NOT Tattoo anyone who appears to be drunk or stoned, you will be turned away.

InkYourSkin crew

What they say about us...

Great studio. Where u can be ur self. Nice people. Stylish surroundings. Great art.

Max Jongeling

Just back from Amsterdam. Got a great tattoo at last. Cheers guys!!

Marc McAulay

Great atmosphere, great artists. I'll come back here for sure!

Robin Reekers

De beste tattooshop in amsterdam. Je wordt warm ontvangen en je voelt je er meteen op je gemak. Micky is echt de beste wat mij betreft :-)

Patrick van Dongen

If you're addicted to ink, then you have to check this place out!

Oz Romita

My daughter has all her piercings done here by the very precise Saskia, and I am very happy with my perfect botanical dandelion tat. Friendly atmosphere, maximum hygiene, interest in what they are doing. First timers, do go here and save yourself anxiety!

Natasha Gerson

  • Mick

    Mick is the owner and founder of InkYourSkin.

    Starting his career more than 20 years ago in the underground scenery, he developed and mastered several Tattoo styles like Oriental type/New Tribalism/Shading Black & Gray and the New School Colors Tattoo, plus some extra styles like Avant Garde and Dots Work.

  • Geg

    Geg van Michto a.k.a. Frenchink left Paris for Amsterdam in 2016.

  • Yatush

  • Omar

    Hallo ! Thanks for looking at my portfolio.

    My name is Omar and I have been tattooing since 2008.

    For me tattooing is not just a job, I love it and I feel blessed to be a tattoo artist.

  • Lesley Piercing Artist

    Lesley Portfolio

  • Saskia (piercer)

    Hi, ik ben Saskia en werk bij Ink Your Skin als floor manager, Piercer en doe ook Brandings!

    Ben ooit opgeleidt ( 1996) als Piercer bij de beroemde eerste professionele piercing shop in europa; Body Manipulations.

    Heb je problemen met het genezen van je piercing, kom langs !

    Saskia Portfolio


This shop provide all kinds of piercings and you can check it on piercings menu, we are licensed by the health department and we use all sterilized and disposable materials.


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Branding oftewel brandmerken!

Het opzettelijk verbranden van je huid zodat er een litteken in een bepaalde vorm ontstaat. Dat kan op twee manieren, de ouderwetse manier nl. verhitten van metaal en dat enkele seconden tegen de huid drukken of met een medische soldeerbout het ontwerp volgen. Dit kun je duidelijk zien op de fotos. Deze manier van brandmerken is het meest nauwkeurigst.

Het genezen van een brandmerk is simpel, niets aan doen! Alleen afspoelen onder de douche, geen zalf of zeep, de huid zal trekken en droog aanvoelen en zodra de korstjes los raken heel voorzichtig trekken, het mag niet bloeden anders verpest je het ontwerp!

De foto van ster op onderbuik is daar een goed voorbeeld van. Tijdens het genezen is het korstje van een punt vd ster te vroeg los gekomen( blijven plakken aan de onderbroek! Ai!) en heeft daardoor minder strakke lijnen. Door de korst eraf te halen wordt de branding dieper en dus beter zichtbaar.

Deze manier van de huid versieren is ontwikkeld door volksstammen met een zeer donkere huid, waardoor inkt geen optie is. Helaas heeft brandmerken een nare bijsmaak gekregen door de slavernij en het brandmerken als straf. Tot aan het einde van de 18 eeuw werd er op de Dam mensen gebrandmerkt met het desbetreffende symbool die synonien stond voor het vergrijp.


Burning your skin in order to get as scar with a particular shape. It can be achieved in two different ways: the old school, by heating up a piece of metal and force it against the skin for a few seconds or with a medical soldering unit which can easy follow the design. You can see this clearly on the pictures. This way of branding is the most accurate.

The healing of a Branding is really easy: simply don’t do anything ! Just rinse under the shower, use no cream and no soap. The skin will quickly dry up and the scab will appear, which you will have to remove. Make sure you don’t bleed or the design will be messed up.

The picture of the star is a clear example of that. During the healing the scab in a tip of the star went off too soon and the led to less sharp lines.

Due to the removal of the scab, the branding gets deeper and grings it more up.

Branding was developed by tribes with really dark skin, where inking was not an option.Unfortunately branding got also a bad reputation due to the slaving time, when branding was a punishment. Until the end of the 18th century people got branded by the Dam Square in Amsterdam.




We have several InkYourSkin merchandise items for sale.

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We have been putting lots of effort in creating and maintaining a nice-looking, stylish and friendly studio.

Feel free to browse through this gallery and see by yourself.



Here below a list of common Q & A’s. If you don’t find your answer, feel free to contact us through our Contact page

TATTOO – What are some of the possible complications if I get a tattoo in your tattoo shop?

Many people are worried about the possibility of getting an infection from getting a tattoo. It is very, very rare for a person in good health who takes good care of their tattoo to get an infection. However, some people do have a reaction to the inks, or (more often) to the ointment or lotion used during the healing process. When this happens, the tattoo may become itchy, or a pimply rash may develop. These reactions are not serious, but they can affect the way the tattoo looks when it heals, and they are sometimes uncomfortable. People most commonly react to red inks. Contact us for more information.

TATTOO – How do I prepare for my appointment?

On the day of the appointment, we ask to the customers not to consume alcohol or aspirin or any drugs. Please be sober-minded and healthy. These conditions will ensure the best possible start for your tattoo or body art, and help make the tattoo experience positive. How well your tattoo heals has everything to do with how well you take care of it afterwards, so be prepared to follow the aftercare instructions the artist provides. Your tattoo artist will touch up your tattoo if necessary after it is healed (usually for free after a minimum of two weeks). We want you to be absolutely happy with your new tattoo or body art.

TATTOO – What is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

Although you can get a tattoo any time of the year, your skin gets a lot more abuse during the summer with swimming, tanning and just being exposed to the elements more. Winter time is really the best season to get a tattoo.

TATTOO – How much is it going to cost ?

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will ink you cheap, and you’ll be crying to a real artist to have it covered up. Look for quality, and be willing to pay for it. NEVER haggle over the price of a tattoo. It is disrespectful to the artist. If you can’t pay for quality, don’t bother. This is not a bargain bin. It is a piece of art you will wear for life.

TATTOO – Does it hurt ?

Pain is really relative. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. Some have compared it to a “hot scratching feeling “or cat scratch. Also depends where you place your tattoo, there are more sensitive place in your body and less sensitive, Most people find that the fear of getting a tattoo is far worse than the pain they actually experience. All kinds of people get a tattoo or body art, and almost everyone is able to tolerate the sensation. Some people even find that they really like getting a tattoo!

Here below a reference to body and related pain.

tattoo pain 3

TATTOO – How do the colors turn out?

Think of your skin as a filter over the tattoo. Darker skins will mute or obscure the color. Lighter skin will allow the color to be more vivid.

TATTOO – How can I pay ?

We accept cash only!! (sorry)

TATTOO – Can I bring in my own design?

Yes, it can be anything you like, but it will need to be converted into a tattoo design. Some styles of artwork do not work well as a tattoo, but we use our years of experience to guide you with the selection of the artwork and style.

TATTOO – What about healing ?

A new tattoo takes about three weeks to look as if it was always there, but they heal like any other scratch or scrape, or approximately two weeks.

TATTOO – Is it safe ?

We use the same equipment (autoclave) that a hospital uses to sterilize our equipment. We also use disposable setups for each tattoo.
Visit your tattoo artist to insure the instruments are individually wrapped and sterilized.

PIERCING – Is it safe ?

We use aseptic technique which means:
We use fresh gloves for every piercing, to prevent cross-contamination.
We use a new sterilized needle for every client. You get to see the package opened in front of you, and the needle disposed of immediately afterward.
All tools and instruments that are not disposable, such as forceps and tubes, are cleaned, disinfected and autoclave sterilized before use on each client.
All jewelry is ultrasonically cleaned, individually packaged and autoclave sterilized before insertion into any new piercing. Jewelry which cannot be sterilized (i.e. acrylic, bone, wood) is never inserted into a new piercing, and is thoroughly disinfected before being inserted into a healed piercing.

PIERCING – Does it hurt?

Most piercings are just a slight pinch for a second, and most of our clients saying, “it was so much easier than I thought it would be”, or “that didn’t hurt at all”

PIERCING – I have a lump just by the bottom hole of my navel. What is this and how do I get rid of it?

The lump is possibly scar tissue or dirt trapped by the skin. A hot salt-water press can help draw out anything trapped in the lump or reduce scar tissue.

HOT SALT WATER PRESS: Boil water with a small amount of sea salt. Allow the mix to cool a little. Dip a clean cloth into the hot salt water and press against your piercing for 10 minutes or until the cloth is cools. You probably only need to do this once a day.

PIERCING – How long does a piercing take to heal?

Healing times will vary from person to person. All sorts of things can increase the healing but a good choice of metal (i.e. Titanium), good and careful aftercare as well as a zinc supplement will help reduce your healing time. But, please remember, you and your body MUST work together to make a piercing successful.

With nipple and navel piercings, you have to be extra careful as they are constantly under clothes. This will cause the piercing to become hot and sticky (a perfect breeding ground for germs).

Average healing times are as follows:

  • Cartilage: Three to nine months
  • Nipples / Navels: Three to nine months
  • Facial: Within three months
PIERCING – Can I bring my own earrings?

In order to reduce the risk of infection and nickel allergy, we only use our medically sterile jewelry

PIERCING – Will I get an Infection?

Infections are generally the result of improper aftercare. If you follow the aftercare instructions given to you, infections are very rare. Stick with what the guidelines say and you will avoid an infection.

The aftercare you will be given are the latest and up-to-date.

PIERCING – What should I do to prepare for a piercing?

Eat something substantial an hour or two before getting pierced. This will help support your blood sugar level.

Avoid alcohol, aspirin, excessive caffeine, and all recreational drugs for 24 hours beforehand

PIERCING – What type of metal can be used for an initial piercing?

The following are the metals safe for initial piercings:

Implant-grade stainless steel: 316L or 316LVM (ASTM F-138) Implant-grade titanium: 6AI4V ELI (ASTM F-136)

PIERCING – How is it done ?

We perform all of our piercings with single use, sterilized surgical needles. They are extremely sharp, therefore making the piercing as painless as possible.

PIERCING – What should i use to clean my piercing?

Your body piercer wills advice you on aftercare.

Please, follow the instructions market on our Piercing care instructions


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